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Doug Brucher: Music

The Shadows

I met Brian Sorber at a part time college job working at IBM back in 1965. He was a guitar player and we hit it off and before you know it I was playing drums in his band the Shadows. We got pretty busy and popular playing local gigs in the Binghamton upstate NY area. I had to leave the band in the fall of 1967 to complete my BSEE engineering degree in Indiana after graduation from the junior college in Binghamton (Broome Tech). 38 years later Brian calls me and says he's "getting the band back together" for his high school 40 year reunion gig. I was all in !! We organized the set list via the internet and had 2 days for rehearsal in Scott Sorber's garage. These recordings are from this gig. It was such a wonderful experience to play with the Shadows again after almost 40 years. It made me feel 18 again and was the best gig EVER !! I think we sounded just great after a 38 year layoff !!