Bit By the Vintage Drum Bug !

Last October I decided to put together another drum kit to support playing with the Lucky Break band. I wanted to simplify the setup and teardown work required to play gigs. My idea was to put together an old beat up kit that sounded great but didn't need drum cases and could be left partially assembled. I figured this would reduce maybe 30% of the grunt work required to play a gig. Anyway I found an old 1940s Slingerland Radio King bass drum and floor tom on Craig's list. They were beat to death and needed a lot of work to be playable. Before I knew it I was bitten by the vintage drum bug and now follow ebay, Craig's List and others for parts - I love it. So far I've put together 2 vintage drum kits. See the pics of my new/old Slingerland Radio King and Duco kits in the photo section. I've also added pictures of some of my other drum kits. I'm running out of storage room at the studio !

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