The Latest from My Rocking Chair !

Well I've been goofing off and haven't been keeping up with this news/blog thing - sorry. Here's the latest with me:

1. I've been jamming with 2 different bands playing drums and blowing some harp. Kind of like the boys bowling night out. We have fun and just enjoy getting together to play some music and BS about the local music scene here in Ventura County and life in general if you know what I mean. Both bands have been getting together about once a month or so. No gigs yet and no worries about getting any at this point - just feeling the joy of playing some music. I've posted some MP3s of the jam band in my music section.

2. I finally decided I needed to sell off some of my music gear to weed out a bit. I've accumulated way too much stuff - way more than I can use. I don't want to burden my kids with this huge inventory of gear that they don't want or need if you know what I mean. So far I've sold 3 guitars and a set of drums with 3 more drum sets and 2 guitars + a bunch of misc stuff for sale on

3. My monthly solo gigs @ the Channel Islands Harbor ended in August with the entrance of a new market manager and her different agenda. That's show biz ! I was ready for a break anyway. I bought a new Martin Rosewood acoustic electric guitar that sounds amazing. It will simplify and improve my solo gig setup. Hope to get some new solo gigs in the spring and make another step forward with my improved setup.

4. My New Year's resolution will be to make a better effort to keep everybody better posted with news and gigs here at my website.

Happy Holidays to all  ..... and remember:

Don't be sittin .... Keep Rockin !!


NOTE: I've added some MP3s from the jam band in my Music section - check it out !

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